Mekong musical heritage on show this weekend in Siem Reap

after the acronym for the Siem Reap International Airport For many, an airport is considered a place of hassles, delays and general annoyances. But for Song Seng, the director of Cambodian Living Arts’  a three-day music festival beginning today that has brought traditional musicians from around the region to Temple Town.Heritage Hub, it’s where cultures […]

Odd collections a draw at Museum Cafe

Le Pang Heng Photographs at a table fashioned from a recycled garment factory sewing machine. “That’s what they used to say when I would ride my bike around town.” The bike in question is a jet-black penny-farthing – one large wheel, one small, with no modern additions like a break or chain – now mounted […]

A scientist’s love of history

On April 18, 1976, Kenneth T So – born So Khong They – saw the breaking news that Phnom Penh had fallen to the Khmer Rouger on a television in the canteen of the University of Tennessee, where he was studying chemical engineering. The news horrified young So, who believed the rumours of Khmer Rouge […]

Amrita team up for a cross-cultural performance

A mix of the traditional and contemporary, and photography and dance, will be on the stage for two performances tonight and Friday, in a unique collaboration between Japanese choreographer Akiko Kitamura, photographer Kim Hak and local organisation Amrita Performing Arts. The project was inspired by Hak’s photographs of abandoned homes in Kep, whose landscape is […]

Siem Reap artist goes against the grain

Wearing a pink hijab, Eng Aisha works away at a newly commissioned painting inside her bamboo home in Sambuor commune, on the outskirts of Siem Reap. Instead of a paint brush in her right hand, she holds a forceps, which she uses to pick up grains of rice, dyed a variety of colours. She places […]

Liger students show White Building projects

The White Building may have been torn down months ago, but its story is not over yet. After two months of work, nine students from the Liger Leadership Academy will be exhibiting their completed pieces at Meta House today, documenting the past, present and future of the iconic structure and its residents. Designed by Lu […]

‘Eclectic unity’ is served up at Intégrité café

Over the last five months, Sabrina Wong and Paul Sitai have been building a stylish and eclectic new café, restaurant and bar with a key component as its foundation – integrity. Just opened at the end of last month, Intégrité is visually stunning, with an mix of antique and modern furniture, French-colonial cement tiles on […]

Writers fest ready to kick off in Kampot

Serey Vicheka, a 19-year-old student of foreign languages at the Royal University of Phnom Penh, had no regrets about not winning the young writer’s contest that marked the launch of the Kampot Readers and Writers Festival last night. In many ways, she did not even want to enter. “Writing is personal for me – I […]